About Cosmetic Dentistry

Not all cosmetic dentistry is the same. Cosmetic dentistry is only two words but it can mean many things. Unfortunately, it can be very different from dentist to dentist or from patient to patient. Typically, procedures considered under the realm of cosmetic dentistry include whitening, enamelplasty (re-contouring), tooth straightening, bonding or tooth-colored fillings used to mask stains or close spaces between the teeth.

Porcelain Crowns, veneers and implant restorations can also play a big role in enhancing or changing a person’s smile. It takes an experienced and well-trained dentist to combine all these things and tailor them to achieve what the patient desires.

Our doctors have trained at the prestigious Spear Center of Dentistry and studied under Dr. Frank Spear, who is considered one of the top cosmetic dentists in the country. Using his series of photographs and facially-generated treatment planning techniques, we are confident that we can provide options for the patient and achieve the best outcome possible.


Heck Family Dentistry and Our Partnerships

Materials and the dental lab that is used can be as important as the diagnosis and smile planning. We partner with Arrowhead Dental Lab of the Dr. Dick Barnes Group in Utah to deliver their elite level ceramics to our patients.

We first partner with them to do a mock-up of any future case in a wax model. This allows us to do two things. It allows us to see the final outcome before we start and allows us to give the patient a temporary smile before the permanent restorations are placed. This is an advantage for two reasons. First, we must ensure proper function, not just how it looks. Second, it allows us to see what the final restorations look like in your mouth.



We have included before and after pictures on our site so that you can see the beautiful results and dramatic changes that can happen with this type of dentistry.

1. Before and After Dental Procedure: After
2. Before and After Dental Procedure: After
7. Before and After Dental Procedure: After
4. Before and After Dental Procedure: After

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