About Sedation Dentistry

Have you ever thought, “I wish my mouth and teeth could be fixed in one appointment while I’m asleep?” This can be pretty close to reality in many cases. Heck Family Dentistry provides multiple options when it comes to sedation dentistry. Most people are familiar with nitrous oxide sedation. It is sometimes just enough to take the anxiety away to allow the patient to be comfortable.

If, due to anxiety, convenience or physical limitations, it is necessary for the patient to be asleep, we provide oral sedation or work with a nurse anesthetist to provide IV sedation. This way, you can literally wake up, and the work has all been completed. We have all of the required certification to allow us to safely treat you or your family member using sedation. In addition, we have all the proper monitoring devices, emergency equipment, medications and procedures. Our goal is to remove any obstacles that would prevent a healthy mouth and the best quality of life possible.

Dental Sedation Patient Education Video

Watch the video below to learn about dental sedation. If you require extensive dental work or experience severe anxiety with dental procedures, sedation can be a great option to help restore the beauty and health of your smile. Heck Family Dentistry in Lawrence, Kansas, has expertise in performing sedation dentistry. If you have questions or want to get started, call us today at 785-856-8550 to chat and schedule an appointment.