Heck Family Dentistry provides Lawrence, Kansas, with general routine dental care for the whole family. Our routine dental care includes cleanings and exams as well as regular X-Rays.

A focus on preventive dentistry ensures optimal oral health and lowers your risk for a range of diseases. Maintaining your oral health can also prevent future expenses required to treat dental problems that could have been avoided.

At Heck Family Dentistry, we use the latest and best dental technology to provide you with optimal dental care, diagnosis and treatment. 

Restorative dentistry and full mouth reconstruction and rehabilitation is our speciality at Heck Family Dentistry. We want to ensure that your teeth are in optimal condition to ensure proper chewing, eating and even smiling.

For patients who need extensive replacement of teeth, we offer denture solutions that include standard dentures as well as dental implants and implant-anchored dentures.

Our doctors’ expertise in restorative dentistry allows us to offer you the best solutions for missing teeth. For many situations we recommend dental implants, but will tailor our services to your individual needs.

Dental crowns, or caps, can restore a tooth back to its natural beauty and function when a tooth has become too damaged to support bite pressure.

Heck Family Dentistry offers various tooth whitening methods including in-house whitening as well as some take-home whitening options.

Cosmetic dentistry ensures that, in addition to proper strength and function, your teeth will look as beautiful as possible. You can smile with confidence, knowing that Heck Family Dentistry will do all we can to add that extra sparkle to your amazing smile.
At Heck Family Dentistry, we invest in specialized technology and training so we can offering you the highest quality services to ensure your optimal oral health. Our specialized services include dental implants, root canals, TMJ correction, denture solutions and more!
At Heck Family Dentistry, we have invested in some of the most advanced dental technologies, including specialized imaging and X-Ray equipment. This ensures that you receive the best possible care from diagnosis to treatment to healing.