About Dental Crowns

When there is no longer enough tooth structure left to support bite pressure without risk of fracturing the tooth, there is something that can be done. This procedure is a dental crown, or cap. A crown can be made of either porcelain, zirconium or gold depending on the needs and desire of the patient. These materials are used to restore the tooth to its original form and function while protecting the healthy remaining portion underneath. Inlays and onlays cover the chewing surfaces of the teeth. Fillings fill in the empty interior space of the tooth. Crowns, on the other hand, completely cover every visible part of the tooth. Essentially, the tooth is rebuilt to resemble what it would have looked like at its best.


What to Expect When You Get a Crown

Some offices offer “a crown in a day.” While this is interesting technology, and both doctors have past experience with it, we believe the traditional method delivers a better final product. This involves:

  • Applying a local anesthetic to the area
  • Taking impressions of the mouth
  • Analyzing the shade of your teeth to ensure a proper finished crown match
  • Preparing the tooth for the crown

This is a precise procedure so it is important that the dentist follow all these steps including working with a quality dental lab to ensure the best final crown. Impressions taken at this appointment are sent to a laboratory where the crown is fabricated and then sent back to be placed and fitted properly in the patient’s mouth at a second appointment.

Crowns can be used to restore a single tooth, a beautiful smile or reconstruct an entire mouth back to original or better than original beauty and function.


Dental Crowns at Heck Family Dentistry

Heck Family Dentistry has served many patients in Lawrence, Kansas, by installing dental crowns. Our staff will do their utmost to ensure you are fitted with a crown that restores your teeth back to their prime. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today.

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