About Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dental care caries over from the dental office into your daily oral hygiene. In addition to biannual visits to your dentist, your daily dental hygiene should include brushing and flossing at least twice a day. Maintaining a balanced diet is also a helpful contribution to your oral health.

These preventive measures can help to avoid or lessen the chance of developing cavities, gingivitis, periodontal disease, enamel loss and other dental problems. Preventive dentistry can also reduce the risk of more significant health problems that have been linked to poor oral health including heart disease, pregnancy complications and diabetes.

What Preventive Dentistry Includes

  • Daily brushing and flossing will help keep your teeth free of bacteria and looking beautiful
  • Routine (twice a year) dental cleanings and exams provide a deep clean and allow your dentist to monitor any problems that could potentially arise
  • Routine X-Rays provide you and your dentist with a clear picture of your teeth and bone structure and can allow early detection of common dental problems
  • Sealants, especially in children, provide a protective layer over the teeth’s enamel, which prevents buildup and decay
Brushing and flossing twice a day is an important part of your personal preventive dental care!

Preventive Dentistry at Heck Family Dentistry

Heck Family Dentistry is a family practice that cares about you and your family’s oral health. By scheduling you and your family members for routine cleanings, we want to help you prevent serious dental and other health problems. Through your routine exams, we are able to detect any problems in their earliest stages so we can tackle issues before they become serious. Based on your health history, we are also able to recommend plans for your daily oral hygiene that may help improve your overall dental health. Trust the qualified and caring team at Heck Family Dentistry to guide you in your journey to great oral health!

Marsha, Sierra and Keeli: the wonderful dental hygienist staff at Heck Family Dentistry
Marsha, Sierra and Keeli: the wonderful dental hygienist staff at Heck Family Dentistry

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