About Teeth Grinding, Sleep Apnea and Sleep Dentistry

Many new patients are surprised when we ask them about their sleep patterns and how well they sleep. Typically, the dentist is not first on our list to see when we have sleep problems. However, your dentist if often the best place to start. Our staff has education and knowledge in helping diagnose and treat snoring, sleep apnea, tooth grinding and acid reflux.

Do you suspect you might have sleep apnea? We can recommend the proper specialists to confirm your diagnosis and prescribe proper treatment. As little as one or two appointments and a night time appliance can solve many, if not all, of the above listed conditions. At Heck Family Dentistry, we use 3D imaging technology and thorough clinical exam to evaluate your airway. This allows us to determine whether you are at risk or may be suffering from these common medical disorders.

If you experience sleep problems, be sure and schedule an appointment with us to determine whether your problems can be solved with dental work solutions. Our doctors will explain to you how dental work can help your sleep, answer any questions you may have and recommend a helpful treatment plan.

Tap 3 Appliance
A Tap 3 appliance is a dental solution that can correct sleep apnea and other sleeping problems