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Replace Missing Teeth in Lawrence, KS

Proper oral function and confidence in your smile both rely on a full set of teeth. When there are large gaps in your grin, your ability to speak clearly, smile comfortably, and chew thoroughly are all negatively impacted. Also, your jawbone will start to resorb (break down), leading to a dramatic change in your facial appearance and a shifting of your remaining teeth. Dr. Heck and Dr. Beshore can help you close the gaps for good using beautiful, custom-made restorations. Call Heck Family Dentistry of Lawrence today to explore your options to replace missing teeth in Lawrence, KS.

Why Choose Heck Family Dentistry of Lawrence for Replacing Missing Teeth?

Dental Bridges

A bridge fills the space where there was originally a tooth. It works by attaching artificial teeth to the natural teeth around the gap, also known as the abutment teeth. The bridge itself can be made out of the same tooth-colored materials as single crowns (including porcelain and ceramic) so that it resembles your real teeth as closely as possible. In most circumstances, a dental bridge can be completed in as little as two appointments.

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We love doing dentures. This is the most dramatic way to give someone an amazing smile. Although we make quality traditional dentures for people, traditional dentures have their limitations. Specifically, without teeth or implants, bone structure dissolves away over time, leaving nothing for dentures to adhere to. If you are interested in traditional dentures, we will provide you with the best possible prosthetic. However, it is important to know about the increased quality of life that adding implants to the base of a regular denture can provide.

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Dental Implants

A dental implant basically takes the place of the roots of your missing teeth, giving your new crown, bridge, or dentures support and stability that they wouldn’t have on their own. Not only do implants tend to feel more comfortable than other restorations, but they also stimulate the underlying bone and stop it from degenerating. And unlike bridges and dentures that have to be replaced every 10 years or so, dental implants are known to last for decades.

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