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TMJ Therapy in Lawrence, KS

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and muscles on either side of your head are what connect your jaw to your skull and allow you to move it in various directions so you can chew, talk, and swallow. What you may not realize, though, is that the TMJs are some of the most complex joints in the body, and if something prevents their various parts from interacting properly, you could experience constant pain. If you’ve been suffering from a sore jaw or frequent headaches, call Heck Family Dentistry of Lawrence to schedule an appointment and see if TMJ therapy in Lawrence, KS might be the answer for stopping your discomfort.

Why Choose Heck Family Dentistry for TMJ Therapy?

Diagnosis & Treatment

Straight teeth are healthy teeth. The straighter they are, the easier they are for you to clean and maintain. Most people are aware of this. However, some don’t realize that there is typically a discrepancy between where their jaw wants to be and how their teeth naturally come together. This discrepancy can be relatively symptom-free for a period of time. At some point, though, symptoms can occur. These can range from a simple painless click in the jaw joint to extreme jaw pain. We can examine your bite and determine whether or not it is causing any strain in your jaw.

Equilibration/ Occlusal Adjustments

A misaligned bite can put pressure on your TMJ, leading to a painful disorder. To correct your bite, we can reshape the teeth in specific areas so that they all fit together evenly when you close your mouth. This procedure is quite painless and usually involves the removal of a very small amount of enamel. We may also need to slightly reshape dental crowns or other restorations that affect your bite.

Occlusal Splints

Jaw joint pain can be directly treated with TMD splint therapy. Our dentists have been trained at the Spear Institute and attended all of their occlusion and splint therapy workshops. These custom-made appliances are worn to bed, where they place the jaw into a more comfortable, relaxed position while also preventing the teeth from grinding. This allows the overworked muscles to heal while also preventing additional problems from developing.

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